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Busy Bow Wows offers an all round Pet Service to the Watford and West Herts area.
In addition to our Pet Care Services, to support the welfare of animals we provide friendly advice in behaviour management, training, health and wellbeing. Our experience includes Canine and Feline Studies, Small Animal Management, Large Animal Husbandry and Exotic Pets.

Dog Walking

Your dog will be collected in a customised, fully air conditioned Busy Bow Wows car. Insured to transport animals, your dog will either travel in the secure hatch back area of the vehicle or secured to a passenger seat with a British safety approved harness. Each dog will be offered water before, during and after their walk and will then be returned home safe, happy and suitably tired! Basic training is implemented on all of our walks with treats provided upon the owner’s instruction. 

from £12

Discount applies if more than one dog in family.

cat sitting services in watford busy bow wows pet care london

Cat Sitting

Fully CRB checked and with a Key Holders Licence, I am able to offer a friendly, caring home visit service for your cat while you are away. All food and litter supplies must be provided by the pet’s family in suitable quantity. Each visit offers approximately 30 minutes of company and care including feeding, hygiene support, general welfare checks and lots of strokes!

from £12

guinea pig services in watford busy bow wows pet care

Small Animal Boarding

Our small animal boarding facility is provided within a home setting. Your pet will enjoy a safe and happy home-from-home experience with daily handling and exercise sessions. Secure enclosures are available both indoors and outdoors for your pet to play in. To ensure each pet’s stay is comfortable and familiar, we encourage owners to provide their pet’s own equipment where possible. All pets and equipment will be collected from and returned to their home by Busy Bow Wows transport after their stay.

from £10/day

Why Choose Busy Bow Wows?

As dog owners, we know that the highlight of EVERY Dog’s day is their WALK! However big, small, bouncy, lazy, fluffy or scruffy. Whether it’s running, playing, fetching, sniffing or all of the above!

Busy Bow Wows in Watford offers the resources, experience and knowledge to provide the most enjoyable walk for every dog. We’re based to Watford, Herts, so we know the area and keep it local.

We DO NOT overload our walks! With each walk limited to just 4 dogs per pack, all dogs are introduced to each other safely and professionally before their walk takes place.







dog walking in watford busy bow wows pet care uk
dog walking in watford busy bow wows pet care uk

Dog Owner Reviews

Jo has been a big help with my dog, from daily walks, through training, to dog sitting when I’m away. My dog (and my family) absolutely love Jo - my dog sits and waits for her at the window every day. Jo is very knowledgeable about all things doggy, and has given us some really helpful tips and guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs these services. She is very reliable and trustworthy and has built a lovely bond with my dog.

Helen Madgin, Watford

Jo walks Lenny often. I need help walking him because I suffer from arthritis. Lenny can be cautious with strangers and sometimes needs encouraging to go out. Jo's taken time to get to know Lenny so that he is comfortable walking with her.

Kath Davies, Carpenders Park, Watford

Kane is a 12 year old rescue dog. Walking him can be a challenge because he pulls on his lead and can be unpredictable around other animals. Jo offered advice regarding the most suitable harness and lead to walk Kane with and tips on how to manage unwanted behaviour. Already our walks are far more enjoyable!

Spencer Hiorns, Watford

Looking For A Great Dog Walker in Watford?

Hi, I’m Jo – founder of Busy Bow Wows in Watford. Our pet care service offers the resources, experience and knowledge to provide the most enjoyable walk for every dog. We’re local to the Watford area so please contact us about dog walking, dog sitting and pet care!

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